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Black on Black

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41-year old, Li Bingbing!

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Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

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"If you could conjure up Oscar Hammerstein right now, what you would say to him about your career on having sprung from him in so many ways?"

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5 Randoms of the day

1) I’m incredibly sensitive to bug bites. I’ve been popping antihistamines for the past couple of days because they’re so irritating. I got a couple on both of my feet and they were so swollen I couldn’t put my shoes on. I’M DONE WITH YOU, SUMMER.

2) My dad is leaving for the Philippines on Wednesday and decided to turn my room into his designated packing area. I’ve been camping out in my sister’s room.

3) There is a cornucopia of Japanese treats waiting for me in Nagoya.

4) Went to Balthazar for brunch with my mom and my ninangs. I learned the history of the Pavlova, why Creed perfume is the best, and that JCAHO is a pain in the ass (I knew this already). 

5) My table was 3 away from the Beckham family. Dude, I breathed the same air as Posh and Becks. They’re both stunning in person and their eldest son has grown into such a handsome young man! From the absolute chaos of the restaurant to the curious/nosy patrons, this was probably the most entertaining brunch I’ve ever experienced. 


6) Even though I’m a self-professed lipstick queen, does anybody have any tips on how to prevent feathering? I almost always use lipliner, but there are still times when color bleeds. Help? 



Chiharu Okunugi backstage at Cushnie et Ochs S/S 2015

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The Aswang is a shapeshifting creature in Filipino folklore, usually depicted as a woman with long, unkempt hair, blood-shot eyes, sharp nails, and an elongated, black tongue. During the day, she lives as a normal, if elusive, townsperson. She spends the night searching for victims in the form of a cat, bird, and bat or, most often, a dog. The Aswang preys on unborn fetuses and small children, favoring the liver and heart. Once she has overpowered a victim, she creates a replica out of tree trunks and other plant materials. The facsimile is sent to the victim’s home, where it will soon grow sick and die.

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 rei kawakubo and yohji yamamoto 

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… its too early for this bullshit.

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Still from The Wild One, 1953.

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