james mcavoy holding a frozen chicken is everything i need 

What a beauty I mean honestly

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Gustav Klimt, The Kiss (1907-1908) / Arctic Monkeys, Arabella (2013)


Ballerinas standing on window sill in rehearsal room at George Balanchine’s School of American Ballet, 1936. Alfred Eisenstaedt

You said you wanted something real. I’d like to believe that I am real.

Austenland (2013)

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Mer watches the ROH Manon Lescaut.

1. I was the only person below the age of 50 in the theater. I sat next to a particularly chatty elderly woman who was fangirling over Jonas Kaufmann to the high heavens (me too, lady). She also told me a wonderful story about seeing Jussi Björling as Des Grieux at the old Met! 

2. Antonio Pappano is too precious for words. I really liked the little bits they had of him playing excerpts of the music before some of the acts. The one that featured the intermezzo was so great. 

3. Speaking of the intermezzo, holy shit it’s gorgeous. It’s actually the reason why I even gave the opera a chance to begin with (I’m quite partial to Massenet’s Manon). This music does a better job at telling a story rather than whatever crap is out there on the book shelves nowadays. There’s emotion dripping from every note and I was practically sighing throughout the whole thing. 

4. Towards the end of Act IV the whole thing shut off. Something happened with the digital system that was being used and the people at the theater had to restart it from the beginning of the act. I had flashbacks to the Werther HD Broadcast where the satellite fucked up and I had to watch Jonas Kaufmann die in Sophie Koch’s arms in silence. I’m starting to think I have bad luck with these movie viewings.

5. My verdict on it as a whole? Magnificent singing, hot mess production. Kristine Opolais and JK deserved better for their role debuts. These two have such fantastic chemistry and I was completely distracted by the tackiness of the set and costumes (Jonas is probably the only exception bc homeboy looked super fly and “In Those Jeans” by Ginuwine played in my head when he appeared). Regardless of those things, the vocal fireworks between those two were out of this world. Act IV was so intense, man. Whew. I need to hear it again.

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JJ Feild as Henry Nobley in Austenland [x]

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. Wes Anderson)

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  • rochester: accuses jane of bewitching his horse
  • rochester: interrogates jane about her paintings
  • rochester: leaves jane abruptly for months at a time
  • rochester: stages an engagement with a hot rich aristocrat to hurt jane's feelings
  • rochester: dresses up as a fortune teller to mess with jane's head
  • rochester: neglects to tell jane about the murderous insane wife living in his attic
  • rochester: wait jane why are you leaving


Maria Callas as Medea, rehearsal at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London, 1959 -nd (PA Archive)  [+]

For Entre Gulistan y Bostan

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Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.

I want to be friends with her!




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Reasons to go into the woods


  • to see
  • to sell
  • to get
  • to bring
  • to make
  • to lift
  • to go to the festival

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YOU DEMANDED IT! Check out the full-length official trailer for Dear White People before it hits theaters this weekend. 


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